Current RIGOL Canada Promotions

The RIGOL Working from Home Promotion

Whether you are trying to debug your design to keep a project on track, stay up to date with your classwork, or simply hiding from your kids in the garage; being stuck at home trying to complete your work without the proper tools can be frustrating.  We Understand.

For a limited time you can get the popular 200MHz RIGOL DS1202Z-E oscilloscope for just $418 CAD.  To make it even easier we'll throw in free shipping on online orders. 

UltraVision II Oscilloscope free bundle promotion

Maximize the analysis capability of your new instrument.  Purchase any UltraVision II oscilloscope and receive a free bundle option when you register your product

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MSO8000 - Get free Jitter Analysis, Protocol Analysis,  Generator and Power Analysis (a $3,104 CAD Value)

MSO7000 - Get free Protocol analysis, Waveform Generator and Power Analysis (a $2,699 CAD Value)

MSO5000 - Get free Protocol Analysis, Waveform Generator and Power Analysis (a $944 CAD Value)

DS7000 - Get free Protocol Analysis and Power Analysis (a $2,699 CAD Value)

Offer valid on purchases between 10/1/2019 and 9/30/2020

Note:  the MSO5152E does not qualify for this promotion

Temporary Price Reduction on select UltraVision II models


8000 Series

  • MSO8104 (1GHz) now $10,799 CAD (10% reduction)
  • MSO8204 (2GHz) now $13,499 CAD (23% reduction)


7000 Series

  • DS7034 (350MHz) now $6,143 CAD (35% reduction)
  • DS7054 (500MHz) now $8,775 CAD (35% reduction)
  • MSO7034 (350MHz) now $7,284 CAD (35% reduction)
  • MSO7054 (500MHz) now $9,919 CAD (35% reduction) 


5000 Series

  • MSO5204 (200MHz) now $2,834 CAD (22% reduction)
  • MSO5354 (350MHz) now $3,914 CAD (27% reduction) 


offer valid on purchases between 4/1/2020 and 9/30/2020

5 Year Warranty on the DS1000Z Series

Purchase a new DS1000Z Series oscilloscope and register at the link below to extend your warranty for 2 extra years

Eligible Models

  • DS1054Z
  • DS1074Z PLUS
  • DS1074Z-S PLUS
  • DS1104Z PLUS
  • DS1104Z-S PLUS
  • DS1202Z-E


The following conditions apply:

  • Customer must register at the link below
  • Valid Only in the USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Valid on units purchased from 4/1/2020 through 9/30/2020
  • Valid only if purchased from RIGOL USA directly or from one of our authorized distributors
  • Customer must provide a valid serial number, date of purchase, who purchased from and your original receipt/invoice

DS1000Z Warranty Extension

offer ends on 9/30/2020

RSA3000E EMI Bundle Promotion

For a limited time RIGOL is offering an EMI Bundle option with the purchase of any RSA3000E Spectrum Analyzer.

The EMI Bundle option adds a set of NFP-3 Nearfield Probes and the EMI analysis option to your Spectrum Analyzer order at a significant savings:

Purchase Option RSA3E-1.5GHz-EMI-BND with the RSA3015E or the RSA3015E-TG for $540 CAD ($1,483 Savings)

Purchase Option RSA33E-3.0GHz-EMI-BND with the RSA3030E or the RSA3030E-TG for $270 CAD ($1,753 Savings)

Bundle Option must be purchased at same time as the RSA3000E.

Offer ends on 9/30/2020



UltraReal Spectrum Analyzer Advanced Analysis Bundle Promotion 

For a limited time RIGOL is extending the capabilities of your new Realtime Spectrum Analyzer.  Register at the link below to receive your upgrades.

Purchase a new RSA5000 Spectrum Analyzer and receive a free 40MHz Real Time Analysis upgrade and a a free Pre-Amplifier option

Purchase a new RSA3000 Spectrum Analyzer and receive a free 25MHz Real Time Analysis upgrade and 1 1Hz RBW upgrade

note: Not available on RSA3000E, RSA5000N, and RSA3000N Models

Offer valid on purchases made between 4/1/20 and 9/30/20

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Temporary Price Reduction on select models of the popular DSA800 Series Spectrum Analyzers

For a limited time RIGOL is reducing the prices on our most popular Spectrum Analyzers.

  • DSA815 now $1349 CAD (17% reduction)
  • DSA815-TG now $1484 CAD (15% reduction)
  • DSA832E now $2294 CAD (15% reduction)
  • DSA832E-TG now $2969 CAD (15% reduction)


Offer ends on 9/30/2020

DC Power Products Have never been more affordable

For a limited time we have reduced the price of our DP800A and DL3000A Power Supplies and Loads by 20%.  Maximize your instruments capability by upgrading to the A models.

  • High Resolution
  • Color Displays
  • Improved SLEW Rate
  • Communications
  • Digital IO


offer ends on 9/30/2020

Temporary Price Reduction on the DG4000 Series Waveform Generators

For a limited time RIGOL is reducing the prices on the DG4000 as follows:

  • DG4062 (60MHz) now $1079 CAD (17% reduction)
  • DG4102 (100MHz) now $1214 CAD (13% reduction)
  • DG4162 (160MHz) now $1349 CAD (23% reduction)
  • DG4202 (200MHz) now $2024 CAD (20% reduction


Offer ends on 9/30/2020

IoT Design Challenges Seminar
Register to check out our new IoT Webinar Series.
Topics Include:
  • Debugging Serial Communication
  • RF Sensor Integration and Demodulation
  • Characterizing Power Requirements
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